Our Services

 Valet Parking 

This service provides customers the luxury of having their car parked by our own parkyy team, this makes it easier for people to attend any event faster and without spendings time searching for a parking spot. 

Off-street Parking 

This service allows customers to book a parking spot beforehand at traditional parking spaces, such as a parking building, parking lot, etc… 

  On-street Parking 

On the move and looking to park your car in a bustling city street? no worries, with this service you can reserve your parking sport beforehand and ensure a peace of mind experience.  

Parking Enforcement 

We make sure to take precautions and safety measures to ensure everyone is safe with parkyy, by issuing tickets for people who trespass our laws  

Bus & Events tickets 

We provide dedicated bus and events tickets, if you have any event and you would like us to organize it for you, we are more than happy to help. 

Parkyy Devices 

You can also purchase and use our special parkyy devices such as the IoT terminals and ANPR cameras. 

Still have questions? Make sure to send them our way!